Legal Events

January 1830

Joseph Smith v. Abner Cole. Joseph won an arbitration against Cole, who had copied passages from the Book of Mormon he had found at Grandin's print shop and included them in his newspaper, The Reflector.

About July 1, 1830

People v. Smith: Joseph Smith was re-arrested and taken to Broome County to be tried again on the charge of being a disorderly person before Justice of the Peace Joseph Chamberlin. Joseph Smith was acquitted again.

August 25, 1830

George H. Noble v. Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith executed a promissory note payable to George H. Noble for $190.95 to enable Joseph to purchase from his father-in-law, Isaac Hale, thirteen acres and the home where Joseph and Emma had been living and where he had translated much of the Book of Mormon. See entry for April 6, 1829.

August 26, 1830

George H. Noble v. Joseph Smith. An amicable judgment was entered in favor of George H. Noble to secure his creditor rights for the $190.95 owed to him by Joseph Smith. Jesse Lane was judge as well as notary on the deed, filed with Court of Common Pleas in Montrose, Pennsylvania. Satisfied in full June 3, 1831.


Winter Quarters

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