Legal Events

April 1, 1834

While preparing subpoenas for witnesses at Ezekiel Rider's house, Joseph Smith prophesied that the Lord would not allow Doctor Philastus Hurlbut to prevail in court against Joseph.

April 7–9, 1834

Ohio v. Doctor Philastus Hurlbut: The trial continued with seventeen prosecution witnesses and four defense witnesses testifying. Judge Birchard ruled that Joseph Smith had sufficient cause to file a complaint. Hurlbut was ordered to pay the court costs and enter into a $200 recognizance to keep the peace for six months.

November 24, 1834

Dennis Lake v. Joseph Smith. A summons, issued by Dennis Lake as plaintiff, was served on Joseph Smith by Constable J. Ames. Lake alleged that Joseph had promised him a lot in Missouri if he would march with Zion's Camp, which he had done.

November 28, 1834

Lake v. Smith: The parties and their attorneys attended a Justice of the Peace court before Justice of the Peace J. C. Dowen. Proofs and allegations were heard, and court was adjourned until December 4, 1834.


Winter Quarters

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