Legal Events

June 1831

Copley v. Smith: Church members were forced to leave Leman Copley's farm and "pay sixty dollars damage for fitting up his houses and planting his ground."

After March 24, 1832

Johnson v. Williams: John Johnson brought an action for trespass against those who tarred and feathered Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon. It was tried before Justice of the Peace Aaron Williams and appealed to Court of Common Pleas. The judgment was affirmed.

January 6, 1834

State of Ohio v. Hurlbut: The hearing was postponed until January 13, 1834. Hurlbut was transferred from Constable Stephen Sherman's custody to the custody of Painesville Constable Abraham Ritch.

January 13–15, 1834

Ohio v. Doctor Philastus Hurlbut: Sixteen witnesses gave testimony concerning the alleged threat against Joseph Smith. Joseph testified on at least two of the three days. The court ordered Hurlbut to enter recognizance to keep the peace.


Winter Quarters

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