Joseph Smith Jr.

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January 18, 1827

South Bainbridge, New York—
Joseph Smith was married to Emma Hale by Esquire Zacharia Tarble, Justice of the Peace.

December 1827 to February 1828

Harmony, Pennsylvania—
Joseph Smith copied characters from the book of Lehi on the plates and translated them using the Urim and Thummim.

January–February 1830

Manchester, New York—
A revelation was given authorizing agents to go to Canada to try to publish the Book of Mormon there, which would protect its copyright "upon all the face of the earth" under British law.

January 1830

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith v. Abner Cole. Joseph won an arbitration against Cole, who had copied passages from the Book of Mormon he had found at Grandin's print shop and included them in his newspaper, The Reflector.

January 1835

Kirtland, Ohio—
During the month of January, Joseph Smith was engaged in work at the School of the Prophets and in preparing a set of lectures on theology for publication in the Doctrine and Covenants.

January 18, 1836

Kirtland, Ohio—
The School of the Prophets, instructed by Joseph Smith, moved into a third-floor room of the Kirtland Temple.

January 1838

Kirtland, Ohio—
Joseph Smith prophesied to a council of brethren that he would live at least another five years.
  • History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, Lucy Mack Smith, ch. 46

January 18, 1838

Geauga County, Ohio—
Wilder v. Rounds: The parties appeared before the court, and the jury ruled in favor of Joseph Wilder and Harvey Strong.

January 18, 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois—
On their sixteenth wedding anniversary, Joseph Smith and Emma hosted at their home some 74 guests at an all-day gala dinner and celebrated his recent court victory in Springfield.

January 18, 1844

Nauvoo, Illinois—
Joseph Smith dictated letters to Reuben McBride and Joseph Coe. McBride had become the Church's agent to regulate business affairs in Kirtland after Oliver Granger's untimely death. Coe had written Joseph claiming an interest in the Egyptian mummies. Joseph found Coe's "pretended claim" astonishing.
  • Personal Writings of Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, pp. 590-94

January 1846

Hancock County, Illinois—
Almon W. Babbitt, Guardian for heirs of Edward Lawrence v. Smith and Coolidge: Babbitt filed a new action, adding Sarah and Maria Lawrence as co-petitioners. Babbitt filed only against the estates of Joseph Smith and Hyrum.  


December 23, 1805

Sharon, Vermont—
Joseph Smith Jr. was born to Lucy Mack Smith and Joseph Smith Sr.


West Lebanon, New Hampshire—
Joseph Smith's leg was operated on by Dr. Nathan Smith of Dartmouth Medical School. In convalescence Joseph traveled with his uncle Jesse Smith to Salem, Massachusetts.

November 18, 1814

Tunbridge, Vermont—
Jesse Smith files his protest objecting to changes in the organization of his local congregation.

Late 1816

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith moved with his mother and siblings to Palmyra, New York, from Norwich, Vermont. Joseph Smith Sr. had gone to Palmyra earlier in the year to investigate the move.

March 27, 1818

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Sr. v. Hurlbut: Joseph Smith Sr. and Alvin Smith executed a promissory note to pay Jeremiah Hurlbut $65.00 in grain for the purchase of two horses.

May–July 1818

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Sr. v. Hurlbut: Joseph Smith Sr. created a list of damages sustained by "fraud or ducet" when he and Alvin Smith had purchased two deficient horses from Jeremiah Hurlbut.

August 10, 1818

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Sr. v. Hurlbut: Joseph Smith Sr. and Alvin Smith transferred $53.00 in "crops on the ground" to Hurlbut.

January 12, 1819

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Sr. v. Hurlbut: Joseph Smith Sr. and Alvin Smith filed suit against Hurlbut in the Justice Court seeking damages for deficient horses they had bought from Hurlbut.

January 13, 1819

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Sr. v. Hurlbut: Constable D. Uandee served the summons to Jeremiah Hurlbut.

February 6, 1819

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith Jr. appeared as a credible witness in the case of Joseph Smith Sr. v. Jeremiah Hurlbut. The jury awarded the Smiths $40.78.


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