Legal Events

March 20, 1826

Joseph Smith was tried and acquitted by Justice of the Peace Albert Neely Jr. of a charge of being a disorderly ­person, meaning not acceptably employed and "pretending to discover where lost goods may be found."

June 20, 1826

Smith v. Worden: Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith hired the firm of Howell & Hubble, presumably as legal counsel, in an action against Sylvester Worden. The balance the Smiths owed to Howell & Hubble is recorded as $8.62 with interest beginning on that date.

November 25, 1828

Smith v. Worden: In the Supreme Court of Ontario County, a writ of collection was returned by Deputy George Smith of Wayne County, New York. The sheriff was given a writ of execution on Sylvester Worden's property. No more information has been found.


Winter Quarters

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