Legal Events

July 7, 1836

Barker for use of Bump v. Smith and Cowdery: Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery executed a promissory note to pay William Barker $621.32 in money or Missouri land by September 1, 1836.

September 26, 1836

Lake for use of Quin v. Millet, Smith, and Smith: Artemus Millet, Joseph Smith, and Hyrum Smith borrowed $50 from Cyrus Lake, payable four months later. Lake assigned the obligation to Christopher Quin Jr.

October 1, 1836

Samuel and Sabrina Canfield executed a promisory note payable to Joseph Smith for $500 for the purchase of parts of lots 29, 41, and 42 in Kirtland, which note he held for four weeks.

October 11, 1836

Martindale v. Smith, Whitney, Cahoon, and Johnson: Joseph Smith, Newel K. Whitney, Reynolds Cahoon, and Luke Johnson executed a promissory note for $5,000 to pay Timothy Martindale, payable on January 1, 1837.


Winter Quarters

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