Legal Events

December 4, 1834

Dennis Lake v. Joseph Smith. Judgment was rendered in favor of Lake for $63.67 in addition to $8.04 for the costs of the suit. Joseph Smith appealed the case to the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas.

December 10, 1834

Lake v. Smith: A certified transcript of the Justice of the Peace court case judgment was filed at the Geauga Court of Common Pleas. Ebenezer Jennings signed a bail bond before Justice of the Peace J. C. Dowen for the appellant (defendant), Joseph Smith, in the amount of $150.

April 21, 1835

State of Ohio v. Smith: A warrant was issued against Joseph Smith on the oath of Granden [Grandison] Newel leveling charges of assault and battery of Smith's brother-in-law Calvin W. Stoddard. The warrant was returned the same day as Constable Samuel Brown arrested Joseph Smith, who was held for bail until the next day.

April 22, 1835

State of Ohio v. Smith: The parties appeared by their attorneys in Justice of the Peace Court before Justice of the Peace Lewis Miller. The charge was sustained; Joseph Smith was ordered to post bail in bonds of $200 and to appear at Court of Common Pleas.

April 25, 1835

State of Ohio v. Smith: A transcript of the proceedings of the case was given to lawyer Reuben Hitchcock, the prosecuting attorney for this case in the Court of Common Pleas.

May 7, 1835

Dennis Lake v. Joseph Smith. Lake's declaration was filed, stating that Joseph Smith was indebted to Lake for $800 as of November 21, 1834, consisting of $200 for labor performed, $200 for the use of property, and two $200 loans made to Joseph Smith. Joseph responded the same day that no such promise occurred.


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