Joseph Smith Jr.

On This Day

February 1, 1835

Geauga County, Ohio—
State of Ohio v. Hurlbut: A writ of execution was issued and delivered to Sheriff Jabez Tracy. It was returned to the court on March 29, 1836, with "Nothing made."

February 22, 1836

Kirtland, Ohio—
Joseph Smith baptized John O. Waterman and filled out records on eleven marriages he had performed in the last three months.

February 22, 1837

Geauga County, Ohio—
Martindale v. Smith: Joseph Smith and others were arrested and released on $10,000 bond each.

About February 1839

Liberty, Missouri—
All six inmates in Liberty Jail petitioned Judge Joel Turnham for a writ of habeas corpus. Only Sidney Rigdon's was granted. They were all returned to jail; Rigdon was released that night and was pursued but succeeded in arriving in Illinois.

About February 22, 1840

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—
Joseph Smith wrote his autograph in the family album of the Wilkinsons, nonmembers in Philadelphia who later joined the Church.
  • Personal Writings of Joseph Smith, Joseph Smith, pp. 497-98

February 22, 1841

Nauvoo, Illinois—
Nauvoo City Ordinance: Transferred all powers over the educational system in Nauvoo to the City Council.

December 22, 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois—
State v. Eagle: On a complaint of Joseph Smith, John Eagle was charged with robbery and assault with the intent to kill Richard Badham. The defendant was discharged for want of evidence. The case was heard before Justices of the Peace Aaron Johnson and Robert D. Foster.


About June 10, 1829

Fayette, New York—
Joseph Smith received Doctrine and Covenants 17, a revelation to Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris that prepared them to become witnesses of the gold plates and other sacred objects.

June 11, 1829

Utica, New York—
Richard R. Lansing, clerk of the Northern District Court, entered Joseph Smith's copyright application for the Book of Mormon.

About June 20, 1829

Fayette, New York—
Joseph Smith was present as the Three Witnesses were shown the plates by the angel Moroni. About this same time, Joseph Smith received Doctrine and Covenants 18, a revelation to himself, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer. The mission and calling of the Twelve Apostles were revealed, and Oliver and David were directed to "search out" the Twelve.

About June 24, 1829

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith showed the Eight Witnesses the gold plates near the Joseph Smith Sr. log home.

June 26, 1829

Palmyra, New York—
Egbert B. Grandin published the title page of the Book of Mormon as a "curiosity" in the Wayne Sentinel.

About July 1, 1829

Fayette, New York—
On or before this date, Joseph Smith completed the translation of the Book of Mormon.

Summer 1829

Harmony, Pennsylvania—
State v. Smith: A legal action was brought by the state of Pennsylvania against Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery.

Mid–August, 1829

Palmyra, New York—
Joseph Smith wrote what became the preface to the first edition of the Book of Mormon.

August 25, 1829

Fayette, New York—
Martin Harris mortgaged his farm in order to assure payment to Egbert B. Grandin of $3,000 to print 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon.

October 22, 1829

Harmony, Pennsylvania—
Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Oliver Cowdery about his safe arrival in Harmony on October 4 and progress made toward the publication of the Book of Mormon.


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